And the cold has come! It was raining for two days and I had this great idea to go to the frogs in my head for a long time! It’s Saturday so why not. Royal NP is not that far from Sydney, which is very convenient. I am very pleased with this Royal NP. It has a quick access from Sydney. Within one hour we can be at point. Somewhere in the middle of forest. We decided to shoot a very beautiful frog that was gorgeously coloured. Its name is  Red-Crowned Toadlet (Pseudophryne australis). This species is most commonly dark brown with small black, red and white spots; it has a bright red or copper patch on head and a similar coloured patch is at the terminal end of the urostyle. It belongs to vulnerable frogs. This frog is spread about 160 km radius of  Sydney. But unfortunately, it was too cold so we did not find this beautiful frog. However,  we found the beautifully coloured Blue Mountains tree frog (Litoria citropa). The back is a dull motted brown and lime green at the lateral margin, with similar green patches beneath the eye to above the insertion of the arm, and a dark brown or black stripe from the tip of the snout to the eye, and behind the eye to the flanks, where is a prominent gland beneath the chin. Status of this frog is secure. It was interesting that we found this frog as it had already been winter time.