SYDNEY and SURROUNDING - We have a coronavirus behind us. So let's say a hundred of the worst we're out there. We can go on a hike, drive in two in a car, so we took advantage of it and didn't sit on our ass and went to a nearby national park. Royal national park. In Australia, winter begins and winter orchids begin to grow. Typical species that grow during this period are Helmet orchids and Greenhood orchids. Helmet orchids note that their flower looks like a helmet. They grow only 30mm. So they are very small, but they make a beautiful carpet-type growth. For this greenhood orchid writings live solitary. Not in clumps like we used to orchids. Enjoy the photos I took with the new Sony A7iii. I used Sony 90mm f / 2.8 and Tamron 20mm f / 2.8 lenses.